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"Dave’s been my farrier for 4 years now and we’ve been barefoot for 1 year! He really cares about you and most importantly your horse! Mine being a 9yr old thoroughbred ex racer as well it’s not been easy, but Dave has been amazing supporting me with diet advice/hoof boots and regular trimming-balancing, my horse is so much better without shoes! Highly recommend."

- Sophie, Gonalston

"Dave is extremely good at what he does, he shows care and interest in both me and my horses and also advises what is best for them being barefoot. Also, very patient with my sometimes testing youngster. Couldn't ask for a better barefoot farrier."

- Sophie, Lambley

"Dave isn't just a farrier but a friend. He wants what is best for you and your horse and offers the care and support to help you get there. Kind and patient (with horses and owners!) he's the only farrier I'll use and recommend."

- Beth, Risley

"Having owned horses for more years then I can remember and being really fed up with my horses losing shoes and feet being very poor trying lots on market produce wise decided to go barefoot and luckily found farrier Dave my horses feet have never looked had good and Healthy even my older tb wouldn't go back to shoes now and believe it’s the way forward for the health of our horses feet and legs."

- Dianna, Dale Abbey

"I am very fortunate to have found such an amazing farrier for my pony. Dave is reliable, efficient and very friendly. Totally dedicated to his job and I would highly recommend him."

- Nicky, Spondon

"Being relatively inexperienced with horses when I finally bought my first aged forty, I assumed that having your horse shod was just what you did. Dave became my farrier just over 2 years ago and during those shoeing sessions he got to talking about barefoot. At first, I was a bit dubious because hey, horses have always been shod as far back as I can remember, but then I started to think he had a point with what he was saying. Last October I decided to give it a go. 100% no hoof problems at all. If there were then Dave has a full range of information regarding diet etc that I would have tried before resorting back to shoes.

The bonuses - well they include cost, time, safety (a horse with shoes kicks a much harder impact than one without), less damage to your fields. The one thing I think though that over rules all of that is the health of my horse’s feet - I've discovered that she didn't need shoes, so why put something artificial there for no benefit to her?"

- Shona, Stanton by Dale

"Dave has been fantastic with my pony throughout our whole barefoot transition, not only with his trimming but also with help in keeping the hooves healthy from the inside out with diet and exercise advice. Her hooves have never been so healthy. Dave always provides a helpful friendly 5-star service."

Hannah - West Bridgford.

"My horse has been barefoot since just after Christmas 2017 now and the best decision we made. Dave has always been an amazing farrier and I thought it would be good to follow him on the new adventure of barefoot!

I have a Connemara / Thoroughbred cross and didn’t realise both breeds usually have really bad feet, my mare is coming on amazing! We hack out and have slowly introduced gravel tracks etc I would recommend barefoot as this is natural for the horse and in time their feet will improve loads and you have the option of boots for hacking.

Dave is also aware that my mare has a little issue (physiological) with her near fore and always makes her comfortable with it! Very understanding and just an all round great guy. Best farrier by far."

- Hayley, Brinsley.

"A farrier came out to replace someone's shoe and asked when I was having my horse shod. When I told him never, he was shocked coz he knows he's always out being worked. Then looked at his feet and said they're a solid set of hooves and looked well maintained and agreed he'll never need shoes. Thank you Dave for helping me achieve the"

- Cass, Risley